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    iPhone and podcast issues

    I have an iPhone 3Gs with the latest iOS release, and an iMac 27 for iTunes. I have endless problems with managing the podcasts. The same problems existed both on my PC and now on my Mac so it seems to be a phone issue.

    Basically, I have podcasts that remain on my phone but I canít delete. They donít show up in iTunes. Is there any way to delete these from the phone?

    Another issue I have is repeated podcasts. Sometimes the same show ends up on my phone several times which is really odd.

    Does anyone else have such podcast issues?

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    Jun 22, 2010
    I guess no one else has seen this issue. It's really quite odd to have so many repeats and not being able to delete anything.

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    The repeat episodes sounds like a feed issues, the publisher has the wrong tags, but it might be a setting in your itunes library.

    Make sure that you've set it to "keep only newest"

    In the podcast tap, make sure that you've told it what podcasts to sync. If the episodes are on the phone but not itunes, search the computer for them. If they aren't there, try unsyncing podcasts, the resync and see if that solves it.

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    I have the same issue. After I listen to a podcast I swipe delete it to declutter. More often than not it reappears as "unlistened" to. I have to many to remember which ones I've already head so I have to listen to them one by one and re-delete them. This is very annoying.

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