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Thread: I Phone Unlocked?

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    I Phone Unlocked?
    Hi all,
    I've been lucky enought to get an iphone 3gs 32g phone hand me down from my son. He bought the phone new when it first came out with ATT as the carrier. Unfortunately he lives in a part of NH that is in that "3%" of the country with very inadequate att cell service. He's gone to a Driod with Verizon and had been using the iphone as mp3 player!
    long story short, he gave it to me. It's working perfectly. When he realized that the phone service was inadequate, he paid the ATT contract off and so - no obligation to them.
    Does that mean that this phone can or is ligitimately unlocked or can it be? We're ok with ATT here and now but we move around a lot and will be in Europe for the summer and would like to use it with local carriers. The phone currently uses version 3.1.2 firmware on it.
    Any suggestions will be gratefully accepted.

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    It is not, and cannot be "legitimately unlocked," but it can be unlocked if you jailbreak it.
    I'm good with jailbreaking, but not with unlocking, so I'll have to research that further.
    Importantly, is DO NOT UPDATE THE FIRMWARE to 4.2 yet.

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