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    Newspaper Comics Apps
    Since I no longer subscribe to a newspaper I don't get a chance to read a lot of my favorite comic strips. I know some can be found through Google searches or various newspapers but it would be nice if there was an app that can put all the comics in one places so I could select which ones I want to read daily and then use the app daily to read my favorite strips. Is there anything like this available for the iPad or iPhone?

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    I don't know, but do a search on the App Store for GoComics and if they have an app, that's your answer.

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    Yahoo Entertainment

    From the main screen, select Entertainment News. Have 15 of todays Sunday comics.
    And a whole lot more to investigate there.
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    Also Comics widget available for the Mac
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    gocomics has a mobile site if not app, works pretty well on my Touch. Yahoo still has a decent selection, some overlap with gocomics, haven't tried it from the Touch though. the Seattle Post Intelligencer has a very good site, again, not sure about mobile version, as I read it from the desktop about once a week.

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    Sorry to wake up this thread, but GoComics finally has a native app for iOS. Check it out.

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    Thank you very much, this is great news!

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