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Thread: IPhone will not work with my iTunes

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    IPhone will not work with my iTunes
    When 4.2 came out the other day I connected my iPhone 3G. My iTunes started up on my Mac(Tiger). I pressed the update button and a message popped up saying my iTunes was already updated. It would not let me update my 3G to 4.2. When I was at work I have iTunes on my PC. I connected my iPhone 3G and proceded to upgrade to 4.2. Everything was fine, except now my iPhone shows no music. I went into sync history and my music is back. I went to add some more songs on my iPhone from home on my Mac. Message popped up and said " need iTunes 10. ". well iTunes 10. Will not work because I run Tiger 10.4?, not leopard. Any help will be great, why can I not connect with my iTunes now????

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    Ah, it's a vicious circle unfortunately...

    4.2 requires iTunes 10. iTunes 10 requires 10.5 or better. So, basically it all hinges on the fact that you're still running 10.4. It's time to upgrade to Leopard or Snow Leopard.
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    The fact that your Mac wouldn't do the update should have told you something to start with. Now you are stuck with not being able to sync to you Mac at home. Not sure what to tell you but you might want to go back to your PC and restore your iPhone from the last backup that was done there before it updated to 4.2.

    If your Mac can't be upgraded to Leopard or Snow Leopard, it's probably time for a new Mac.

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    Yes, my Mac can be upgraded, and I thought of doing it for along time now, but I have not since Tiger has been running flawless for me, so why touch it. Upgrade is an easy fix and I will do that. I do not remember reading anything that said it will only work with iTunes 10. Thank you for the help.

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