Hi, I have been using my iPhone 3g for a year now, and have a couple questions about Contacts and Calendars.

Firstly I have had a serious issue with my address book and google contacts. I have set my address book to sync with google contacts. I have also set my phone to do so, but I have ended up with a different combination of information on each. On any given person I will have different information on each source and they never copy to one another. Is there a way to make all 3 agree? I would like to use my Macbook's Address Book as the master source and have the other prompt me to change it when I add data to one of them, Otherwise just copy changes I make on my computer.

This has also lead to another problem, I have pictures for some contacts on my iphone, and all of them on my address book. However anytime I do not set my contact picture on the phone itself, the caller ID picture (when someone calls me) changes from a fullscreen image to a tiny useless thumbnail. Is there anyway to adjust it so pictures I set in my address book with be fullscreen on my caller ID screen?

Lastly, I would like to know if there is a useful Calendar applications I can use that will pull events from both of Google Calender and Facebook Events. Publishing out to those both would be a plus, as would syncing to my iPhone.

Thanks so much for any help... First time here and am nervous... I dont post on forums much so... Thanks agian.