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    App installed without knowledge?
    I've just come to use my iPhone 4 to find that an App - McDonalds Restaurant Finder - has been installed without me doing so. I updated a few Apps earlier but haven't touched the phone since, and it hasn't been in anyone else's hands either. Does anyone know what could have caused this?

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    Well, one bit of good news ... at least we now know the Burger King hasn't been lurking at your place ...

    But seriously: apps REQUIRE your iTunes password to be installed, so the answer is it HAS been in someone else's hands, or you installed it by accident, or you were sleepwalking/drunk/hypnotised.

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    It was probably
    1) installed on your computer and when you synced your iPhone all apps were synced, so it was added without your realizing it

    2) downloaded on some other iOS device, then synced with your computer which added it to the computer, then added to your iPhone without realizing it when you synced it

    Those are my guesses...
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    You can get the app from the wireless net at the actual McDonalds, but like chas m says it still requires your iTunes account password

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    Thanks for the response on this. I'm perplexed as to how this was installed. I haven't synced to my Mac for a while and I know I didn't install it. Very strange.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
    But seriously: apps REQUIRE your iTunes password to be installed....
    Unless you install another app within a short time after installing another one, like within 15 minutes or so. So the last time you were at Mickey D's, did you install an app, leave your iPhone on the table while you refilled your soda or got more catsup for your fries???

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