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Thread: iPhone - capture screen video

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    Unhappy iPhone - capture screen video
    Hi everybody,
    I'm new in here... it's all night long I'm looking for this answer, but apparently I can't find it anywhere, so I really hope you can help me!
    Is there a way to capture a video of my iPhone and put it on my iMac?
    I explain myself better... I've this application which let you see some videos... but you can't save 'em or nothing... you just can watch them...
    Like I can take a screen picture of my iPhone, can I take a screen video capture? or is there an app which let me do this?

    Thank you so much!

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    welcome to mac-forums

    There is no way to do this native to IOS, but with multi-tasking now available there may be an app soon or in the future for such a thing

    - Simon

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    Seems to me that the app "which lets you see some videos" has proprietary control of the media that they provide. And if they don't allow you to save the movies, then it's stealing if you copy them in any other way.
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    Iphone 5, A similar requirement, I just want to record my iphone as I move through an app, ie make a video of my actions on the iPhone. I gather that there used to be such an App, But think it was removed. Any alternatives yet?

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    Simple alternative: Reflection.

    It mirrors your iOS device onto your Mac, were you can easily record the screen using any number of methods, starting with QuickTimePlayer.

    This is a really time-consuming -- I would say stupid -- method for trying to steal copyrighted movies, but for the kind of use Rainema33 is talking about it works great.

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