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    Music skips when using the phone
    I have had a problem for the past few days: when I receive or make a call, what ever music I was listening to last (regardless if it was currently playing), starts to play, skipping a fraction of a second over and over. It is quite annoying. I have been having to hang up on the person because I can't hear them and call them back, which usually works. It happens with songs from my ipod or from pandora. It doesn't happen every time, but too many times if you ask me.
    Has anyone else had this problem?
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    Can't say I've ever had that problem..if I was listening to music while an incoming call comes in, the music stops and I can answer the call, once I hang up, the music resumes..and that's how it should function.

    What version of iOS do you have?


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    Yes, what you described is what normally happens, but now this glitch has popped up. I am using the latest version 4.1.

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