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    I was thinking about developing an iPhone app for a college project.

    We had a Master class in college with a developer that basically turned me off doing it.
    He talked alot about Apple's complicated specific iPhone variation of c++.

    I have heard alot about Flash lately and apps now being allowed developed in that, is this easier and or true?

    All in al, I would love for anyone to give me the low down on iPhone development. Pro's/ Con's, Difficulty etc?


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    First and foremost, do you know how to program in C, C++ or any other similar language? If so, learning Objective-C, the language that Apple uses will be a lot easier. Obj-C, in the most BASIC of terms, can be considered a superset of C and a subset of C++. It brings objects to C to allow for OOP programming..

    If you're ultra familiar with C or C++ (like I am), Obj-C just seems strange with it's syntax, but like anything else it's a different language..learn to use it like it's meant to be used..same goes for ANY other language out there..

    Developing apps in Flash, specifically Air, will be easier than C, C++, Obj-C..but none of that will run on the iOS-based devices, so Adobe Flash is really a moot point as far as these devices go..

    There is wonderful book called Beginning iPhone Development that explains how to develop an application for an iOS device. You'll also want to check out Learning Obj-C on Mac to get the lowdown on Obj-C.

    Pros and Cons really don't apply here..

    As far as difficulty goes, that entirely depends on where you are starting from. If you've never programmed before, you'll need to learn a new language (Obj-C) and the entire CocoaTouch framework to program your application, additionally you'll need to learn HOW to put a program together with all of it's moving it all depends on what your level of effort is..


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