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Thread: How to transfer ipod and ipad music to a computer easily?

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    Oct 18, 2010
    How to transfer ipod and ipad music to a computer easily?
    Hello,everyone!I am very new to posting so please bear with me.
    I had a notebook pcwith all of our itunes music downloaded to it. No I did not back it up. My hard drive fried yesterday. How can I upload the music from my son's ipod and my ipad to our main computer? Alos is there any way we can get our downloaded music from itunes? Could you tell me some useful applications?

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    If you Google for something similar to "recovering songs from ipod" you will find the info you are asking for. I usually recommend Senuti, but you mention you are on a PC. If you talk to the folks at Apple they can allow you to re-download your purchases.

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    Plug the iPad/iPhone in, right click on the icon of the device and select transfer purchases.
    This will transfer all iTunes purchased media over.

    iTunes does not allow redownloads of purchased items.
    You bought em, they are your responsibility.

    Always back up.

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    Thank you,guys~

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