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Thread: Multiple iPods with one MacBook Pro

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    Multiple iPods with one MacBook Pro
    I thought saw a similar thread, but can't find it now.

    I have three daughters and will soon be supplying them with iPod touches (yes, yes, Daddy is a push over.).

    They all share my oldish MacBook Pro (last gen) and I have them set up with their own accounts on that.

    I'm not sure where to start to allow each of them to have their own iTunes account so there is no confusion with libraries when connecting/synching and they have control over their own stuff.

    Pointers please?


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    First of all, you'll be fine using 3 iPod Touches on one computer. Set them up one at a time. Plug the first one in, go through the set up process, unplug and do the same with the next.

    As far as libraries and music goes, you have some options. Apple says it best, so I'll just refer you to their page. How to use multiple iPods with one computer
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    Excellent, thank you.

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    I just read their reccomendations and if it's beyond you, or more trouble than you want to deal with, you can do like I do for my macbook pro. I have my iPod Classic, iPhone4 and iPad all synced up to my macbook....**** i have more apple products than I thought. All of my music goes onto the Classic, a bunch of movies plus 1600 songs go on the iPad, and a few movies plus the same 1600 songs go onto my iPhone. I maintain different playlists for each one of them, and in the case of the iPad and iPhone, because they don't have 80gigs of memory like the iPod does, I manage my music that way.

    I guess what I'm saying is that you could always just manage the different iPods by syncing different playlists to each iPod, un-select the sync all music selection and just pick the playlists you want to use for each iPod.

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