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    Syncing Calendars across multiple devices - iCal --> iPod Touch 4g
    Entering 'New Event' in iCal 4.0.3 (Snowleopard) in specific calendar 'Home' and selecting 'Sync Now' from iCal Preferences does not propagate calendar, using Mobile Me, to my iPod Touch 4g iOS 4.1(8B117 - S/N CCQDDH8JDCP9). This propagation works from iCal 4.0.3 to MacBook Pro, Ipod Touch 2g/3g & iPad 3.22 (7B500).

    iPod Touch 4g settings: 'New events created outside of a specific calendar will default to this calendar.' Default Calendar is 'Home'. Note that iPod Touch 4g does not have 'Sync All Events' option as does iPod 2g/3g and iPad.

    Syncing from iPod Touch 4g to iCal 4.0.3 (Snowleopard) does not work either. Modifing data retrieval values in Settings...Mail,Contacts,Calendars...Fetch New data does not help.

    Seems iPod Touch 4g iOS 4.1(8B117) does not understand syncing - any ideas why?

    The instructions below are from iPod_touch_iOS4.1_User_Guide.pdf. I believe I have satisfied the MobileMe/WiFi requirements.

    Syncing Calendars

    You can sync Calendar in either of the following ways: In iTunes, use the iPod touch Info pane to sync with iCal or Microsoft Entourage on a Mac, or Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, or 2010 on a PC, when you connect iPod touch to your computer.

    Google, or Yahoo! accounts to sync your calendar information over the air, or set up a CalDAV account if your company or organization supports it. See “Adding Mail, Contacts, and Calendar Accounts” on page 19.
    To sync calendars, iPod touch must join a Wi-Fi network that’s connected to the Internet. See “Connecting to the Internet” on page 19.

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    Make sure you MobileMe acct on the iPhone has Calendar Syncing turned on. It's a setting on the phone itself. If need be turn calendar syncing off on the phone, manually remove any remaining calendars, and then turn it back on. I've had this issue a few times and it's almost always the phone.

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    Now if only you could sync the tasks on mobileme.

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