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    Surgery soon, advice on apps needed
    Hey all, I am starting this thread to see if anybody has tips on any apps that I might use to kill a ton of time. I had a motorcycle accident a few months back, broke 4 vertebrae, and now need surgery to repair it, so I will have tons of time on my hands. I bought an iPhone 3G about a year and a half ago, and upgraded to the iPhone4 in early August (of this year obviously.) I also picked up a 64GB iPad about 2 weeks ago. So far on my iPad I only have a couple of games that are any good. I play Words with Friends, Farm Break, Jelly Invaders, Black Sheep, and Super Monkey Ball 2, as well as Osmos HD (great game if you haven't played it yet.) I also have a ton of movies and streaming media apps, as well as reading obsessivly on the iPad too. I guess what i'm looking for are games that take a bit of thinking, but not so much that my vicodin fueled mind will not be able to grasp them during my recovery.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated since I'll be away from home and my Xbox (TV where I'm going to be is a standard def tv in my aunt's living room, so my FPS games will not exactly be appreciated in that setting, even if I am laid up after surgery. I also played a bunch of rpg type games in the past, loved FFX and FFVII like most people did, and played the **** out of Dragon Warrior back in the day on my NES.

    Thanks in advance, oh here's a pic of my back injury
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    Angry Birds

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    Quote Originally Posted by TGITC View Post
    Angry Birds
    completely forgot to write that one, I'm at work now and your post made me have to I play Angry Birds or read a book on the Kindle app?

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    Monkey Island 2

    Oh, and maybe a medical you can find and learn about what they did to your body.

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    Not much on games but there are a lot of books that are free and it gives you another option when games and movies get tiresome also might want to get some magazine apps.

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    I love Angry Birds so far, great puzzle game, although I seem to progress quickly through the levels, then get stuck on one puzzle for a couple of days. I have several books so far and a ton of movies. As far as games, so far all I play on a consistent basis is We Rule, Words with Friends, Angry Birds, and some interesting one called Osmoses (title might be a little different than what I have here.) I also found the ESPN The Magazine app, absolutely amazing app as far as magazine apps go that is free with my subscription of the actual magazine, and just picked up the New York Times Crossword app which I'm probably too dumb for. Thanks for the ideas so far, any and all tips are appreciated on specific games or other apps to kill time, and I have about 2-3 weeks to continue to prepare my iPad (and myself) for the surgery and recovery.

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    What about Chaos Rings (Square Enix). It's expensive but it looks good on iPhone 4, I started it yesterday...

    Good luck with the surgery

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    I would have to say #1 on the list should be WebMD!

    And best of luck!

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    Or, poor you. I spent once two months on my back, chained to the hospital bed, because of broken neck. Just go download everything you can free or paid =)
    Apps with endless levels will do for you.
    up to you, just wish you all the best with your bones, and dont forget that the secret to successful recovery are not doctors, but your mind.

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    Harbor Master. You will thank me.

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    What, no one has recommended Amateur Surgeon yet?!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by anetoiu View Post
    Ninja Fruit, Angry Birds and Catapult Madness

    Catapult Madness could be really good, but ... you launch the villager, give him/her a few nudges, then wait. And wait. And wait. It takes forever for them to finally come to stop. They need to give you more to do besides just sit and watch them bounce for 5 minutes. It's kind of like Hey Jude. Three minute song with a 4 minute ending. Still, it IS free!

    Can't go wrong with a little Plants v Zombies.

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