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    So I'm getting fond of all that's apple.

    Haven't quite got the opportunity to treat myself some quality time with an iPhone (they are not exactly well spread in my place) and I'm wondering if it's the right machine for me.

    Now the company where I work swears by their Google Applications mailservice. I cannot blame them, it's a better mail solution than most of the other ones around and I surely cannot blame them giving me a nice Android phone to keep myself in touch with the office.

    I love the 'Google experience' and checking my mail was never more easy with the integrated native gMail client. My address book and calendar are nicely integrated with my business mail. Cool stuff really!

    But... The handphone I got is not exactly well built, it is slow and hardly survives more than 10 hours operation.

    I'm thinking of buying a 3GS or even a 4. But what about my address book, calendar and more importantly, what about my email. I understand that the iPhone has IMAP functionality, but this just wouldn't do the deal on level of my extensive usage of the 'Labels' in gMail.

    Does the iPhone has a good gMail reader available, including my labels?

    I remember using a java gMail client on my good old Nokia E71, but that cannot even come close to the Android gMail client.

    What about pushmail? I didn't need to setup anything on my Android device - it comes free of service charge. On my Nokia I had to pay my provider for the additional Nokia Mail Push Service.

    I really would like to do the switch, but I'm scared I would loose functionality over that Android Google Experience. Peace my mind please!

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    I have not used it much but I have what I think is an official Gmail app for the iphone. It does work but I have not had the time to use it much. It's on the App store. I will check it out more and get back to you.

    BTW, I really love the gmail Web interface, which you could always use in Safari or Opera on the iPhone.

    The rest others can help you with as I have never used a Google Android based phone. I tried an iPhone, fell in love with the interface, and bought one and nothing else (for me) feels right. I can work the iPhone without even thinking. Very easy interface, at least for me.

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    Jun 12, 2010
    The iPhone is in all its aspects a fantastic piece of engineering. The (only) time I had one (a first generation one that is) in my hands I was simply amazed by its building quality and the smoothness of its OS.

    As I told I haven't been able to spend quality time with it - only had it for 5 minutes.

    Would make the step blindfolded if I just would know I would be able to continue to use my labels and pushmail.

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