Hi everyone,

I have two apps on my iPhone that use Wi-fi syncing, Docs To Go and Things, and neither has been able to connect to my iPhone. I can make wi-fi syncing work on Things if I set up a computer to computer network, bypassing my wireless router, but this doesn't work with Docs to Go. I can sync both by tethering my iPhone to my macbook, but I'd really just like for syncing to work seamlessly the way it's supposed to (and does when both my macbook and iPhone are connected to other networks at work and at the library).

I figure the problem is most likely some odd settings having to do with my Taiwanese branded wireless router (PCI, or Planex), but I can't make heads of tails of all the technical jargon in the settings panel. I've taken screen shoots of what I think might be the most likely culprits. If anyone can take a look and give me some advice, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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OS X.6 and iOS are both the most current versions
iPhone is a 3Gs
router is a PCI mzk-w04n-xx