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    I am an internet broadcaster, and I work with many radio station groups that I stream for that have been inquiring about iPhone apps to stream their stations. I found links on the software, however is there an application that can be loaded on a PC or is it better to get mac and build it on that system? And is it really complicated to build these things? I do have some programming understanding..... I guess reading about 9 and 10 year olds creating apps so it can't be that much of a challenge.

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    PC or MAC ?
    Well if you can think "out of the box" and do not have any old programming "leftovers" developing APS can be fun as well as challenging.

    Knowing the old languages could be a handicap. The ones who know no bounds and just keep on pushing until the AP is done are usually the most successful. Sometimes doing it in one very long stretch, like day and night, gets the best alpha out the door fast.

    Being a very old programmer in most languales including machine coding, assembler etc. I find the thought of small single purpose APS interesting and challenging. I think you would find creating APS fun and exciting.

    PC or MAC, well if you are writting for APPLE devices and use their tools, it would make sense to use an Apple product.

    Your choice and money. Apple product are not inexpensive.

    Goog Luck and Have fun.

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