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    Does iOS need a more functional UI?
    Now, bear in mind that I've never owned an iPhone, but I've used iPod Touchs pretty extensively and owned one for about a week before I sold it so I may be just a little ignorant about a couple of key points. My question, despite all of that, is this: does the iOS UI need to be more functional, or at the very least more customizable?

    I own a Droid Incredible (fantastic phone, by the way) and I've found that Sense, like the MAC OS, is a real pleasure to use. Everything works well, the widgets are beautiful, and you can change just about any setting you want. Otherwise, every experience I've had with an iOS lets you choose your background and the order your apps are in...and that's it.

    My biggest annoyance with my iPod Touch before selling it was that I couldn't even simply remove apps from the home screen to some other database, as I can with every Android device. Call me weird, but a home screen that is absolutely full seems cluttered and is actually a little bit overwhelming.

    Do you think that iOS should at least have some more customization? What else would you change?

    I know that, for me, despite loving just about everything else Apple (new Nano sucks, as I was going to get my girlfriend the old iteration for Christmas) and absolutely adoring the industrial design of the iPhone 4, I don't see myself going from Android to Apple.

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    The iOS UI is VERY functional and your lack of experience might excuse you thinking otherwise...

    If you like your Android phone, by all means enjoy..I, on the other hand, absolutely love the iOS..and wouldn't bother with an Android phone (having played with a few, Driod, DriodX...)


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    IOS 4 has folders which would address your concern about clutter.

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    The good news is there are many phone OS platforms available. I like Android and iOS myself. I'm sure iOS will "open up" a bit as it gets shoved to more and more Apple products. You can't really phase out OS XI with iOS if it can't run MS Office, VM's, VLC or the like.
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    Folders..Folders…oh yeah- Folders!

    I'd say iOS is customizable in a big way.

    -App folders (12 apps per folder)
    -11 home screens
    -250,000 apps on the App Store

    It goes a long way.
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