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    My iPad won't turn on !!!! Help
    I have been using my iPad just for a week and I found out that the device comes with iOS 3.2.2 which jailbreaking isn't possible. So I followed the instruction here:

    Downgrade iPad iOS 4.2 to iOS 3.2.2 / 3.2.1 - [Complete How to Guide] | Gadgets DNA

    Everything went perfect until the TinyUmbrella doesn't detect my device. So now my iPad is completely not working. I'm now trying to restore my ipad normally via itune (Without using the downloaded iOS 3.2.1 firmware)

    I have a question, Is my iPad still alright ??? or it is completely dead but iTune still able to detect it.

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    Sorry, let me try to understand this: you had a brand new iPad with iOS 3.2.2, but decided to jailbreak it (for what? An illegal copy of iOS 4.2? You can't wait a month?), and now you've bricked it.

    Is that an accurate summary of what's happened here?

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