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    Android HTC to Sync with Mac???

    not sure if this is the right are to post the thread in but my Dad just bought an Android HTC legend and has a Macbook Pro and found that apparently it DOESNT sync with the Mac.

    Does anyone know if there is some software out there that they recommend to be able to sync with the Mac for the HTC?

    Thanks a million.

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    What items is he trying to sync specifically? He may just need the correct application to sync the items he wishes to sync. For example iTunes syncs via the doubleTwist application using a cord. Then again he can also simply drag and drop (music, videos, documents, books, etc) via a corded or a bluetooth connection. It was tough for me to think outside the "iTunes sync mentality" box when I first went to Droid, since iTunes monopolized my iPhone data for so many years.
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    And of course Mail/Contacts/Calendar all syncs with the cloud via a Gmail account.
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