Hi All,

I have an iPhone 3G which I unlocked a year ago. Last night I decided to update to ios 4.01.2, then it got locked and I could not use it. Luckily I had a sim from the service provider who i bought it from which enabled me to turn on the phone. I used guidelines from the net and downloaded redsn0w and then os 4.0 which enabled me to open the redsnow finally and of course connected my iphone to my book pro. i went over all the steps and thought I am done after saw the Cydia icon on my iphone (which disappeared during the update)..the only weird thing is that the cydia icon was white not dark red as usual. then i tried opening cydia and follow the step to go to manage etc and enter the famous "http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com" the result was i got did not find repository and also later i found out that i cannot see my phone icon on the iphone...
if it helps i was following this site


Also I need to know how can i get my backups from itunes most imp my contacts and messages....
please help urgently....i need to get the phone running have work tomorrow and need it badly