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    Angry How to Sync iphone calendar to New macbook ical
    Hi everyone.

    Just purchased a new macbook. My only other Apple hardware is my iphone. I am trying to sync my iphone calendar to the ical on my new macbook pro. Everytime i sync it erases all my info on my iphone calendar, as I assume it is only synching from macbook to phone, no matter what I check off in the itunes information screen prior to synching.

    At the apple store, the gentleman i spoke to said the only way to sync both ways is to use mobile me. I have a hard time believing that I can sync my contacts, email, photos w/o mobile me, and yet the calendar requires mobile me.

    Can anyone help me?

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    Moved to appropriate forum.

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    I don't have an iPhone but I do have a Touch and I have notproblems syncing data back and forth between my Touch and MacBook Pro.

    I believe the feature you want to uncheck is in iTunes>Info>Advanced and where it says "replace information on this..." you want to uncheck calendars. Although it sounds like you already unchecked it. Maybe someone with an iPhone can answer your question. It's either a bug or you missed checking/unchecking something.

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