I have 3 email accounts set up on my iPhone 4. The primary email account is my outlook account (Charter), the 2nd is my gmail account and the 3rd is my work account.

When sending emails from my gmail account or work account, my emails send immediately.

When sending from my primary account, (Outlook and Charter), I have delays from 4 to 11 minutes. Sometimes they send from the charter server (the primary server), but most often, they eventually send from my gmail account, using my gmail username rather than my Charter email name. When I receive replies to the emails, they come to my gmail account and it's username, rather than my Charter account, where I actually sent it from.

My guess is that my iPhone is trying to send from my primary server, but after so many tries, or minutes, it "gives up" and sends from the next server in my list, which is my gmail server. I wouldn't mind except for the delays in the emails going out and more importantly, I want my email replies to go to my primary account and I may or may not want to be sharing my gmail address to those I write to.

Any ideas?