Hi all! Just recently bought MacBook Pro and somehow cannot restore to an older back up of my iPhone. I have downloaded the SQLite Browser to look up these files (since I still have them on my computer, just unable to be recognized by iTunes) and also looked at a couple of sites that outline the steps (sort of):

Stupid iPhone Tricks HR Geeks

iPhone Database Details (Damon's Daemon)

Make sure to encrypt your iPhone backups | IT Security | TechRepublic.com

Recover data from an iPhone backup | Geeky Ninja

Back-Up Your Entire IPHONE - How To Dummies Guide (Accepting all suggestion-just edit and add) - ModMyi - Wiki

If someone could please just walk me through the process described in one of the sites to retrieve my notes from the back up folders, I'd greatly appreciate it. Not being able to recall my to-do-list has driven me up the wall the past couple of days and I have spent hours upon hours, going back and forth from Best Buy to the Apple Store geniuses, all without success . Please help!