My company doesn't support ipads on the corporate network so that limits me to using outlook web access (OWA) for email. For security, my company uses an ISA (2006) server with an RSA token to log in.

Issue - I have no problem using the ipad to get access to OWA, but I can only get the "light" version of OWA to work on Safari (light version has really limited functionality). I have tried using another browser app (atomic for example) and set it to be recognized as Internet Explorer, and this has worked to bypass the light version. The only issue is that when I do this, the iPad can't properly access the way it comes up. I can see the email screen but nothing really works, it's like looking at a pdf of the email screen, hard to explain but bottom line doesn't work.

Question - is it possible to get OWA non-light version running on the iPad so it works? If not, is there any way to use my OWA login, understanding that I have to go through ISA and it requires an RSA token credential, for the native app client on the iPad?

Thanks for any help with this.