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    Question Syncing itouch apps to Mac?
    --I am not tech savvy, but I do understand a bit. Im sorry if I do not get some parts.--

    Hello! I have a very irritating issue with my itouch. Could someone please help me solve it?

    Problem: Okay. I have a jailbroken and tethered itouch, iTunes 9.1.1, and an iMac. My itouch is running on Version 3.1.2 (7D11). I have been trying for the longest time to sync my photos and apps to my itouch through iTunes, but everytime I click "Sync", iTunes tries to delete all my apps.

    Yes I know; iTunes isnt authorized to sync my apps that I got from Installous (dont know why I cant sync photos though). Right now, the only thing that is checked on iTunes is the "Sync Apps" checkbox and the app I am trying to sync over ("Kotoba!"). I did some research online and read that BlackBreeze was only for that didnt work. Is there a way I can sync "Kotoba!" to my itouch without iTunes deleting all my apps? Thanks!

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    Hopefully I will finally be able to find a solution here...

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    Also...I used blackra1n to jailbreak my itouch. Just in case that helps in any way...

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    If you are using photos from apps that were JB-downloaded, then they won't show up when syncing. Before iOS came out, there was a download app that wrote codes for all JB-downloaded apps so that they would sync to itunes. But, that app has not been reworked yet...unless someone made a new one that I don't know a bout. Thing is, I don't have that app on my iphone4, though I can still sync my phone, and it's pictures(as long as I take it with the original camera app), without itunes deleting them. I also use jailbreakme.
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