This morning I loaded about 15 new PDFs (scripts) from calibre to Stanza on my iPad. When sorting by date, only about 6 of them showed up in the list of things to download wireless from my computer. Restarted the app a couple times, same thing. When I sorted by title, everything showed up, but it took a looooong time to keep "load more"-ing my way through the alphabet because I have a lot of files in Stanza. I've never had this issue before, anyone know what could be causing it?

Then, even worse, I went to my "groups" listing in Stanza, and instead of listing all the tags I'd meticulously input via calibre under "subjects" (as had always appeared in the past), a handful of new subjects -- which aren't present in the metadata of the files listed, or any of my files, as far as I can tell -- appeared. When I look at the files individually, the tags I gave them are still there, they just aren't showing up as subjects anymore.

Absolutely no idea how to fix either of these problems. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

(Also, just curious, do any other Stanza on iPad users feel like the battery is draining a LOT faster when Stanza is open than other apps? It lasts longer when I'm using Netflix...that seems strange.)