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    iOS 4, Remove wallpaper & disable multitasking
    Does anybody know how to set the wallpaper to none! I don't want any wallpaper, where is the option? (I don't want to put a solid black image as wallpaper).

    And, is there any way to disable/enable multitasking in iOS 4 - as required?!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Why not a solid black image? I'm curious as to what you think the difference is.

    Sorry for not actually being helpful though, I only have an iPad and there's no option that I know of to do this.

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    What does "no wallpaper" look like to you?

    As for multitasking -- you can't turn it off because it turns itself off.

    Suggest you read up on how iOS multitasking actually works. It's different than what you seem to think.

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    If your iPhone/touch has been jailbroken you can turn multitasking and the background on or off with a program called "zToggle" which you can find in Cydia

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    I would also like to turn my background wallpaper to none. Any way to do this?
    I want to do it on my iPhone 4s jailbroken with 5.0.1 because I use bosspaper to rotate backgrounds yet when I open a folder, the background switches back to the one selected natively in settings until I close the folder (then it goes back to my bosspaper). Switching off the native background should work, if I can find the option. Or if anyone knows how to clear the cache on the open folder background (I'm not talking about the background OF the open folder; I'm talking about the background wallpaper BEHIND the open folder).

    I also want to turn off the background of my iPod touch 2, because I activated it with the 4.2.1 jailbreak but now it runs too slowly. I guess Apple knew what they were doing when they didn't give background wallpapers to iPod 2s. I'd rather not restore and re-jailbreak if I can avoid it.

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