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    sending mail from alternate email address
    So i set up a dummy Yahoo mail acct that my corporate email is forwarded to. I changed the settings on yahoo to display my corporate email address as when sending mail (so when i log into yahoo mail and compose an email to John Doe, when he opens it it says it came from my corporate email address). I then added that dummy yahoo mail acct to my iphone. However, when i send mail from it on my iphone, it does not display my corporate email address to the reciepeint, it displays the actual yahoo address. how can i make the iphone send the mail the same way i send it when actually logged into yahoo on the computer? i want reciepeints to see the mail they reieve as if it came from my corporate email address. Help is GREATLY appreciated!

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    Nope your, out of luck there, the iPhone doesnt even give you an option to change the reply address on outgoing emails, let alone change who it appears to be sent from. It looks like its a feature that is aimed at desktop and web based email users rather than mobile devices.
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