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Rock Chick Sybi 08-20-2010 05:49 AM

Why does iTunes want to replace and not add ringtone

I have 6 custom ringtones I would like to add to my iPhone 4 but iTunes wants to replace all the 'music, video, ringtones' when I try to sync instead of just adding my new ones - why is that and is there a way to just add them to the existing ringtones that came with the phone?
Is there a way to bypass iTunes completely and just copy items to my phone? (Probably a pipe dream - Steve Jobs is sooo controlling:Angry-Tongue:)

Thanks for any help!

bobtomay 08-20-2010 06:09 AM

On the Summary tab, place a check next to "Manually manage..."

I might add though, if you are using ebooks on your iPhone, you are not going to want to use Manually manage. It does not work with books.

I have used that setting for almost 3 years, and have had to revert back to the regular sync now because of this. In most cases, it's going to be faster just to go ahead and resync than to figure out a way around it.

ozziedog 08-20-2010 12:55 PM

I use a free app ring-tone designer to create ring-tones from music I have in iTunes. The are 30 seconds or less. Save it was edited, connect iphone to desktop then launch itunes.
In itunes I select the device once in the device click on apps at the bottom of the page I have ring-tone designer to the right are the ring-tones that were created in ring-tone designer copy from the right pane to desktop and from desktop I drag to itunes and then sync, nothing gets replaced. The only thing I haven't figured out is why only one of the custom ring-tones copies to the phone. It is rather a pain but works for me, sometimes.

laimbeersux 08-21-2010 12:10 AM

check out this thread, lots of info on creating and adding the ringtones to your iPhone there.

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