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Thread: question about syncing multiple devices

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    question about syncing multiple devices
    I've had an ipod for several years and sync it occasionally with itunes. I always read that you couldn't sync a single ipod with multiple computers, and you also couldn't syn multiple ipods with one computer.

    Now that I have an iphone too I'm wondering if the same thing holds true- can you not sync an iphone on the same computer that you have an ipod sync'd? Or if you can, how do you keep them separate? My goal is to sync music on the ipod, and sync other things on the iphone.

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    I am currently syncing an iPhone 3GS and an iPad with the same Mac and it seems to work fine. Each shows in the Devices in iTunes and clicking the disclosure icon shows the device's contents. So far I have never had both devices plugged in for syncing at the same time so I am not sure if that would work but otherwise things seem OK.

    If no one else does it before then I will double check and make sure my iPad has a different set of content from the iPhone. Up until now I have kept them the same by choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bjmini View Post
    I always read that you couldn't sync a single ipod with multiple computers

    and you also couldn't syn multiple ipods with one computer.
    False and has always been false. Steve has even made direct mention in keynotes of syncing *unlimited* numbers of iPods iPhones and iPads with a single computer.

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    I currently sync an iPod Nano, 2 iPhones and an iPad with a single Mac.

    The only hassle at this point is I don't want all the same apps on my iPhones and my iPad. To compound this issue is the fact that many apps now have two different versions, one for the iPhone/iPod and another for the iPad instead of having a single cross-app that works on both. And with most of these, there is no way to determine which is which when going through the list trying to sync. pitr

    With an iPod and an iPhone, after the initial sync, I found using the manually manage option worked the best for me.
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    I also sync multiple iDevices to a single library, but as has been mentioned, you can only sync one device at a time.

    As far as the different versions, I have not had a problem with that. The "HD" (iPad only) apps will not sync to an iPod Touch or an iPhone, but the "unibin" or universal apps and iPhone apps will sync to the iPad.

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    I'm not sure about not being able to sync to multiple computers. I routinely sync on the MacBook and the iMac, however it is the same iTunes account on both.

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    I can sync my 2 iPods and my iPhone all at the same time. iTunes slows down but it works. You can sync iPods (at least the Classic ones, not sure about the touch) to multiple itunes Libraries on different machines if you manually manage the iPods vice Auto-Syncing. The iPhones, unfortunately, can only be synced to one library.

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