Hi, everyone:

I'm hoping to offer a two-week intensive lecture starting next week using my iPad (mostly because I think it would be fun, and a cool demo of the technology, especially as the topic is health informatics). However, I was just testing it out using the VGA adapter and I noticed that when in presentation mode, only a black screen appears on the iPad with information as to advancing the slides, and a note that says you can hold your finger down for the laser pointer-- a pointer that would be exceptionally cool, if only you could see it without craning your head up and backward to the big screen.

Is there no way to get iPad to at least mirror the slides? I understand that it's low on RAM and they've crammed a lot in given those constraints, but it really hinders it's utility as a lectern! I'm disappointed-- and disappointed, I'm disappointed, because so far I've really enjoyed the iPad.

Ho hum...