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Thread: Retina Display / Low Res Apps

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    Retina Display / Low Res Apps
    Phone has been out for 6 weeks now and a lot of Apps haven't been updated and look awful. I understand some developers are no longer updating etc but I've noticed applications have had an update yet they've not improved the icon or the content within (eg. The Guardian, Movie Genie and Shazam). Also completely new Apps like BBC News or the recent Waitrose one look really bad. Plus Apple haven't even updated their own apps (such as Remote, which I can't actually get to work anymore). Do Apple not require an application to have the improved display on iPhone 4 or is up to developers and if they're happy to release ugly looking applications.

    It's not a massive deal but Apple have made a big deal out of their Retina display so it seems a shame.

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    You also gotta remember that there are more people with older versions of the iphones than the new one...
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