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Thread: iOS4 Multitasking Suggestion

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    iOS4 Multitasking Suggestion
    If you're like me, you're pretty obsessive about cancelling your apps in the multitasking bar once you've closed them out, I pretty much don't like any apps running in the background, so naturally I'm constantly closing those apps, I find it a bit irritating using the current system to "exit" an app by holding the app and waiting for the little minus to appear and then hitting it. While this works great for deleting unwanted apps on the normal homescreen, for the multitasking bar it becomes sort of a nuisance. So my suggestion is simple, make it so getting rid of apps on your multitasking bar is done by a simple "flick" upwards gesture of the app icon, this is actually very similar to WebOS's way of getting rid of it's apps during multitasking

    In the grand scheme of things I think this a relatively small inconvenience and i'm sure there are more pressing issues, but I think it'd help for a smoother OS experience.

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    Sounds like a good idea..however, this is NOT Apple's suggestion forum..just for Mac might want to email with your idea..


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    Just to elaborate....

    Mac Forums is not affiliated with Apple, Inc in any way, shape or form.

    Secondly, the Community Suggestions and Feedback forum is for suggestions regarding our forum and its staff. Therefore, this thread has been relocated to a more appropriate location (iOS and Apps).
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    why even worry about it...
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