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    Aug 06, 2010
    Angry Iphone will only sync to "L" artists in Itunes
    I'm supremely confused. My iPhone will only sync to artist "L" in Itunes. I have a 32 gb iphone with ample amount of room but it wont sync past the "L" artists, so that leaves the Rolling Stones, Ray Lamontagne, Modest Mouse etc all off my iphone... which is not going to fly.

    Any suggestions i've looked everywhere and cant find an answer

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    Aug 06, 2010
    i should add
    FYI phone is Jailbroken and unlocked in case that might play a hand in this, but I don't see how.

    Contacts, calendars, all sync fine...just the music.

    I've selected certain artists above "L" such as the stones and Ray lamontagne and attempted to just sync those but they wouldnt take.

    any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Maybe the iPhone is sending you hints about your musical taste...

    Does the songs above L all play OK in iTunes and don't have any issues? With your iPhone plugged in, you've gone to the Music tab and just checked Rolling Stones and the songs don't sync?

    Short of running out of space and songs just not being checked, nothing should be preventing iTunes from syncing your music..

    What version of iTunes and firmware do you have on the iPhone?


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    You can always "check" some of the songs:

    Edit: In this screenshot I am UNCHECKING.

    ...and then go to iPod and check the box under Options that says "Only sync checked songs":

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