Hi everyone! I have a question regarding pictures in subfolders.
Some of my pictures are not "rotated" correctly.
How do I rotate them in the current folder? Every app ive tried lets me rotate the picures but the all save hem to a new folder called "saved photos" I want to keep them in there original folder. I cant even figure out how to move them from the newly creataed folder back to the original.
Ive tried several apps. Photoshop for iphone, Photogen for ipad and for iphone, PhotoRotate, Photo-sort,photoPad, Rotator and Rotate Mojo just to name a few but none of them can do the trick.
I sync my pictures for a PC with Windows 7 and they all look good there? I alos copied all the pictures to an imac and "rotated" the pictures there and saved them and then "copied" them back to the ipad just to have them rotated incorreclty again!
Any one have any ideas? Please help me!!!