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    Anyone Else Get Bricked on the new JB?
    I used the JB yesterday on my IP4 4.01. Very easy, seemed to work great, apart from the servers being slow due to overload. Did nothing but JB the phone yesterday. Installed My3G today, only applied it to the phone app. Never did anything else actually. Phone showed "no service," so I reset -- and BRICKED. Stuck in boot screen. Ran the battery out pretty quickly too. Had to put it in DFU mode and restore.

    Just be aware that this can happen and you'll have to get into DFU to restore. Which in my book stands for "Definitely F'd Up" Here's a link about how to get into DFU Mode if you need it.
    I'm going to wait a bit before trying again.


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    I've been reading that this has been a problem with the "mobileSubstrate" file library not installing properly due to random server timeouts. I don't know if the issue is really due to the servers though. You should try again late at night. Something similar happened to mine, but it only went into safe mode, which would not let be get out unless reset my iphone back to stock and re-jailbroke it. Works perfect now.
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    Thanks - I get that it's likely a mobilesubstrate issue, but had not heard what it was due to - and haven't found that yet. Even so, I'll probably wait a bit. Thanks!

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    It took me a few tries also.

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    i think there's always that risk, hope you get it resolved..

    (i still have not JB mine)
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