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    Question Audio codec support
    I finished setting up a gateway for my company voicemail (Iwatsu ECS PBX) to email the messages as attachments today, only to find out after the fact that the WAV files it spits out are encoded with DSP Group Truespeech 22. Guess which WAV codec iPhone/iPad doesn't support? Sadly doesn't support it either. I have my vendor shaking the tree at Iwatsu to see if anything falls out, but I suspect I'm on my own. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any apps to do inline conversion/force feed quick time a codec? I know Apple keeps pretty tight reigns on this sort of thing, but I thought it'd be worth an ask. I really don't want to start jailbreaking a dozen corporate iPhones.

    I know this this is an app specific area, but geeks are geeks and I hate to have multiple threads going (mods move if you think necessary) on the same issue so...

    Since I'm already going to assume the answer to my above question is likely "no", perhaps a work around might be the way to go. Possibly set up a old iMac or mac mini as a relay? I know with Mail's Rules I can easily get it to take mail coming from that gateway and redirect it, but I still need to get that file converted to a different codec before it redirects. I'm not sure how (if?) one would go about building an Applescript or Automator process to convert a file type prior to Mail applying the rule to forward the attachment.


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    What about Iwatsu's iPhone client? Offhand, it looks like this may do what you need in place of email.
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