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Thread: iPad - uploading photos to websites

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    iPad - uploading photos to websites
    Hi... I was wondering if there was any way to get an iPad (with Dropbox.. or whatever) to upload photos to websites. i.e. I'm trying to upload a photo to Vista Print and the upload button isn't activated for use. I have Dropbox but can't figure out how to use it for something like Vista.


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    You might want to consider something like Photobucket. It is a FREE site where you can up load your photos. There is also a Photobucket app (also free) available for your iPad. Once your pictures are there, you can link to them.

    Maybe this helps?

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    Flickr and most of the other popular photo-sharing sites (Facebook, et al) also have apps for the iPhone/iPad that will work directly with the photos on the iPad.

    For Vista Print you'll probably just need to email them the photos (or upload them when you get back to a "real" computer). The iPad doesn't have a way to upload photos via a web form at this point.

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