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    Dec 06, 2009
    Talking Line2 app lets you turn internal speaker on
    I have begun free-testing the Line2 app, and an early discovery not expected was that on the main screen, I can turn the internal iPod Touch speaker on during a call. I just use a small plug-in mike, not the earbud/mike combo, but with the mike using the earphone plug, it appears I can make and take calls using the internal speaker, much handier than the earphone gizmo. This might replace my cheapcheap cell phone account soon, though I can handle calls live only in wi-fi zones. It is certainly easier to dial and manage calls this way, than on the typical postage stamp phone interfaces. What a fine feeling, iPod Touch as a telephone too.

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    Dec 06, 2009
    Will continue testing. Once it seemed that the mike and internal speaker were working at the same time, and the party on the other end heard my voice just faintly. But a later test suggested you might have to manually switch from speaker to no-speaker for mike-then-speaker use. So what I might look for next is a mike/speaker duo, tiny, to put in the headphone jack, a la the Apple earbuds/mike thing which I do not desire to use.

    LATER... yes, it lets the built in speaker and the plugged in mike/pill both work at the same time.

    I have some multitasking here on iOS4 on this version 2 iPod Touch, some specific apps, but perhaps the Line2 app will not work in the background until a further update since I can't seem to get it to ring in background mode now.

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