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    Updating 1st Gen to iOS4
    Are there any alternative ways to get the firmware on there? Or any alternative firmwares?

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    I imagine someone will come up with a way, but honestly, you won't want it.

    I put the full version on my 3G and it was pretty laggy to the point of being really annoying. I imagine in a first gen it would be unusable.
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    I put IOS 4 on my 3g(8g) and it runs fine for me. I just have 2 make sure that I keep my charger with me cause it does drain battery a lot more. Even if I do make sure that I close all apps.

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    Lots of bugs on my second gen iPod Touch, and of course, extreme battery drain issues. I never had my iPod Touch crash before I upgraded to iOS4 and now regret having done so. Clearly QA was not a high priority for older devices.
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    A 1st generation what? If it is a 1st generation iPod Touch, the highest iOS you can go is 3.1.3.

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