Hey guys, quick question as this has had me stumped for quite some time now!

I have a Gmail account that I use as my primary email account, within this account I have multiple other accounts set up so that I can send and receive mail from multiple accounts all within Gmail. This works well and is really handy especially when I'm not at home.

The problem is when I want to send mail from a specific account I have within my Gmail from my iPhone. I Googled and found the solution where you basically set up another mail account but just include the smtp details so that you can send from it, however this is les than ideal as I kept getting an error popping up saying that mail could not check for mail in this account...(obviously as it had no IMAP/POP settings).

So my question is this, has anyone found a solution or a workaround for this? I should also mention that I currently have Gmail synced via exchange as it also syncs my contacts and calendars.

Thanks in advance!