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    Dont really know where to post the problem im having here, so sorry if i have posted this in the wrong section.

    well, lately i have been renting and buying movies and songs off itunes. I love how i can buy movies and watch them on my Iphone or ipad while im outta home. However i have lost a movie that i just bought couple days ago. I have moved the movie to Desktop, because i was planning on organize them in one folder rather than running Itues every time i want to watch a movie. and there was couple shortcuts of it for some reason, but anyway that took a big space of my HDrive so i deleted a lot video clips that i have including the movie i just bought, because i though it will be still there under Purchased Items in itunes. When i tried to open it, it says that i have to locate the movie in my computer. I realized that i have deleted the movie earlier. How would i restore it ?

    I have the movie in my Iphone can i get it back to Itunes from my Iphone ? if so will the quality change?

    Thanks and Please Help

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    I can only answer your second question; my guess on your first one is "you're pooched."

    Can you move the movie from the iPhone back into iTunes? Possibly, using Pod to Mac.

    Will the quality change? Yes. The movie was downsized for space reasons when it was moved to your iPhone.

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    thanks Chas,,

    what i did is, i plugged my iphone into my gf computer, opened Itunes and slcected the device with right click then did Transfer Purchased. Ituned copied all my purchased items to the computer, then i got it on a hard drive to my computer. Now I'm glad that i got the movie again but with lower quality, my further question is:

    can get the video back in full quality, like from Itunes or something? if so, so i have to send them an email ?

    how would i double check if the quality is lower or not ?

    thanks again

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    iTunes (actually, the MPAA) does not allow re-downloads of movies once the download is successfully completed. The buyer is responsible for backing up their own purchases.

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