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    How to get rid of speech icon?
    I am new to the mac and love it. But I clicked on the speech icon in the system preferences and a circular icon now is on my desktop. When I mouse over it is says "speech feedback". I can double click the circle icon and it will go to my task-bar, but I want to know how to get rid of it.

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    Welcome to the forum. Too bad your first post is a need for help. At least this is easily fixed. Go back to System Preferences and click the Speech icon again. When the next screen opens look in the upper portion of that screen for "Speakable Items". Change the setting from "On" to "Off". Once you do that it's safe to close the System Preferences.
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    its already off
    the speakable items button is set to off, but the circle icon will not go away.

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    Try turning it on and then off again, Also have you done a restart since?
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    I suspect you have the Chess application open in the background. A restart will clear that up.

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    An interesting twist
    ok so I restarted my mac and the circle icon was gone. But then I started up my Parallels program which I use in place of Boot Camp and then the circle icon popped up again on my desktop. So it is running within Parallels for some reason. So now what do you think is going on?

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    You'll want to look in Parallels' preferences and setup dialogs to find the speech control and turn it off.

    If you can't, I'd suggest an email to them. I've always found the company very helpful.

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    that was it Chas M, got it to go away now thanks for the help.

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