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Thread: iTunes making me purchase TV shows twice

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    iTunes making me purchase TV shows twice
    I bought some Family Guy TV shows on my mac at home, but when I try to download them on my iPod touch it asks me to pay for them again. Is this normal?

    Btw I don't have access to my mac
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    Sorry, but if you want them, you'll need to sync them from your Mac to your iPod.

    iTunes does not allow for multiple downloads of music or video.
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    It should go without saying, but just in case: your iPod and your desktop Mac should of course be using the same iTunes account.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobtomay View Post
    Sorry, but if you want them, you'll need to sync them from your Mac to your iPod.

    iTunes does not allow for multiple downloads of music or video.

    It's a bit confusing, because apps you've paid for once can be downloaded several times for free automatically simply by "buying" it again.

    But you'll be charged for music and video every time you "buy" it in iTunes, so you'll need to sync it to your other authorized devices instead.

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    App Store vs iTunes Store

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sobe View Post
    App Store vs iTunes Store
    True dat, but also:

    Apple is in full control of the App Store and "curates" it as it sees fit.

    Apple is NOT in full control of providing music and movies; the rights holders there (as represented by the RIAA and MPAA respectively) require different sort of licensing (ie you're not buying a song or movie, you are buying limited rights to a copy of said content).

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