Ok..this is weird. I was sending a text to my mom 5 hrs.ago. The message app said i had one message. It was from my brother, I replied to it and I hit send. Then I showed my wife, the screen showed in the top center; my brother's name. The button on the left should have said messages right? Instead it said "Mom". I can not get it to do it again.

It freaked me out because my brother and I were talking about a party for our mom and we didn't want her to know.

I have not sent any text messages to multiple contacts since I got this new iphone 4.

I showed it to my wife, and we both agreed it should have said Messages

I wish I would have taken a screen shot, but instead hit the button "mom", to make sure the message didn't go to her, and instead it just instantly showed the text that my Mother and I had hrs before.