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    Is my version of iOS4.0 the final?
    Hello everyone!

    I had almost all of the iOS4.0 pre-release software betas (which were quite glitchy to be sure xD) and then stopped updating at the GM, the last pre-release beta.

    Now, when I go to iTunes to update myself to the full version of iOS4.0, it says my software is up to date.

    I've already made sure my iTunes is 100% updated to the fullest version, iTunes 9.2.

    When I go to the About section on my iPhone, it says my version is:

    4.0 (8A293)

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Did I actually update to the real full release of iOS4.0, or is there something wrong and am I still on GM?

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    That's what mine says and I upgraded fro iOS 3 last week.

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    Cool, so mine, in other words, mine is the final?

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    Nothing is every "final" with Apple! What you have is the most current version.

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    Cool, what I meant was current, just used improper language there.

    OK, thanks!

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