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    Transfering SMS messages between 2 iIPHONES
    okay gents here is my issue:

    I have 2 iphones:

    iphone A: is a 3G (OS 3.0.1) has been unlocked and jailbroken. (unable to update OS since it will lock it back up).

    iphone B: is a 3GS (OS 4.0) I just bought it and it is factory unlocked so I was able to do the OS upgrade with no problem.

    now my issue is this: both iphones are configured with the same laptop. iphone A has SMS messages that I would like to transfer to iphone B. Am I able to do that?

    Things that I have tried:
    When I received iphone B i tried restoring it with iphone A's settings but only my notes, and pictures transfered.

    Thanks for reading my post and I hope someone will be able to help me out with this.

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    I know how to do this with with 2 jailbroken iPhones by copying the SMS.db file from one to the other, but I'm not sure if it can be done with just one device jailbroken.

    One non-jailbreaking (theoretical) way would be to extract the SMS.db from your old phone and then add it to a backup for your new phone.

    There are tools that can extract data from iPhone backups (iPhone Backup Extractor is a good one I've used), but I haven't seen one that will copy data back into a backup yet.

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    Thanks for the reply Aptmunich....I would prefer not to jailbreak iphone B...but it would be intersting to know, like you said, if there is a software that will dumb the SMS.db file back on the iphone.

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