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Thread: Ipod Touch - doesn't download apps or updates? Also itunes problem?

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    Question Ipod Touch - doesn't download apps or updates? Also itunes problem?

    I received my ipod touch 1st generation yesterday second hand. I believe the man before me jailbroke it but he 'unjailbroke' it before he sent it to me.

    I have connected the wifi, but when I try and download a free app I get the message 'this application requires the iphone 3.0 update'. I have connected it to my itunes and it says there is no available update? What shall I do to update it?

    Also my itunes wont transfer music, but it will on my sister's version of itunes. Her itunes is version 8.something i think, but the one I downloaded is the latest - 9. on hers you can just drag and drop songs, albums or artists, and it says they are music, but on my laptop it says they are 'other' and it wont let me transfer anything.


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    I'd connect it to iTunes and do a RESTORE rather than a check for updates.

    This will return it to a 'factory fresh' state.

    You should be able to start over from there.


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