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Thread: Skype query

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    Skype query
    Hi guys,

    Got a problem, I currently have 2 x iPhone 3G, one running ios4 and the other running the previous dated firmware.

    The intention was to make the 2nd iphone with ios4 a wifi skype handset as all the past skype phones I've had have had terrible signal over wifi except the iPhone.

    Anyway for some reason when I log into skype and switch the phone into lock mode it will not ring if there is an incoming skype call.

    However if I do the same with the other ones running previous firmware it rings even when locked.

    If I try the same on my wifi iPad I have no problems it will ring if there is an incoming call while locked.

    Anyone have any idea why this is?

    Is this a bug with ios4? Or do all iPhone 3g loose wifi on skype when in locked mode?

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    Have you tried re-installing the software?

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