When I updated to OS 4 the only thing I found irritating was that I lost the podcasts I had downloaded. No biggie just re-download them right?

So this morning I start the download from my iPod on my local network and throw it in my backpack while I'm getting ready for work. I get to work and look in my music and there are no podcasts even though I watched it fully complete one to make sure it wasn't kicking back errors. then all of a sudden the ipod switches back to the main screen as if I had hit the home button. I try again this time going to my music. I try to scroll in the albums list and it immediately kicks me back to the home screen. Tried the videos and it did the same thing. If I tap really fast I can actually get into a video but it doesn't play and kicks me out.

What irritates me the most is I updated the thing last saturday and have been using it with no problems till today with OS 4. To me this has go tto be a software issue with the music and video function since I can use my other apps without problems. I guess my music library on the ipod got corrupted or something so tonight I'll try to do a restore.

I haven't seen any posts with this specific problem but if there is one similar with a resolution you could just link me over to that thread.